Your help is needed to track him down before he steals all the energy in our area.


The Power Bandit collects energy wherever it is wasted to make himself stronger. When the Power Bandit steals wasted energy, your family's power bill goes up and our environment becomes more polluted.


The Power Bandit will lose all his power and go away if no energy is wasted. Learning to eliminate energy waste requires special training. Keep scrolling below to begin your training to become a Certified Bandit Tracker.

Tracker Training


The best ways to reduce energy waste is by conducting a complete search of the house and fixing any areas where energy is wasted.


Select a room below to begin your search:




In addition to eliminating waste in your home, there are many other things you can do to cut down on energy waste in the world around you.


Click here to learn how to Beat the Bandit and Save the Planet.

The Power Bandit is on the Loose!

House Entry

Ceilings and Floors



Laundry Room

Other Rooms

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